Update about.md on Arrays and List page

I created a PR which was automatically closed for this already.

The FAQ link 404s for me, and the Brian d Foy section is from the official perl4faq. Might be preferable to drop the FAQ line entirely since the same link is immediately below.

It looks like you have not linked the PR that you are mentioning.

I thtink I have re-opened it. Update about.md by drudgesentinel · Pull Request #676 · exercism/perl5 · GitHub

Not easy to find, the user name is different than here, so hopefully it is the right one.

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I have updated my name here to match my github handle. Will link future PRs, thank you for your time

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I appreciate the name change (was definitely not necessary), while the link posted would have been they key thing, allowing me to easily get to where you want me to go.

It’s all good though, and I appreciate the work!

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