Update opam libraries: Add core, ounit2, ppx_deriving

This started as a GitHub PR, but I see that has changed.

I believe the following packages should be added to the ocaml-test-runner.

ppx_deriving: Currently the Palindrome Products has this in its dune file, but it is not available; ensuring the build always fails.

ounit2: The same as ounit, but the package named “oUnit” is in transition to “ounit2”

core: A more complete Jane Street stdlib replacement. An extension of base. If an exercism user wants to use core instead of base they should be able to.

The ppx_sexp_conv package is also missing and is needed for Zipper.

I reopened the PR as it’s legit and something we’d gratefully accept - thank you. @ErikSchierboom will take a look at some stage (his backlog is not insignificant though so it might be a few days :slight_smile:)

The PR has been merged

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@nbd The good news is that core includes ppx_jane which includes ppx_sexp_conv which fixes zipper as well.

@iHiD @ErikSchierboom Thanks for the quick turn around! I was also about to do some work for the ocaml track. Adding a few more problems, cleanups, and standardization. Is there any appetite for those contributions?

It works like a charm. Thanks very much, @ErikSchierboom and @georgyo!

Yes :slight_smile: I’ve invited you to the ocaml team so your PRs should no longer be closed. I’ll post a message asking if anyone else might like to buddy up as your reviewer so you won’t have to reply on @ErikSchierboom’s limited availability!