Using Hex libraries

Is there a way to use libraries from Hex in Gleam exercises on Exercism? I used nibble to solve Tournament, but the Exercism test runner fails on finding the package even though I included gleam.toml and manifest.toml in the submission. (The tests run fine locally)

Is there a way to get the test runner to load the extra libraries, or should I just stick with the standard library?

You are supposed to come to a conclusion that does not need to change these. Some tracks allow certain external libraries. I remember there was a discussion about hex, but I cannot remember the outcome.

The Exercism test runners (deliberately) don’t have network access, so every package needs to be present in the Docker image.

It looks like nibble isn’t in, so Exercism won’t be able to use it. The maintainers would have to add it. (I have no opinion on whether that’s something they’d want).

I suppose this settles the argument for all tracks. No internet = no package repository access.

I guess I had my exercise with nibble anyway, I can run with whatever stdlib gives me.