Version mismatch with wrenc?

Your instructions for installing wren locally on Linux (Installing Wren locally | Exercism's Docs) are for wrenc v0.2.90 (wren v0.4.0). This installed successfully and I could run wrenc to get a console prompt, but package installation failed. Running wrenc package.wren install gave the error “Could not load module ‘wren-package’.” and I got a similar error from the wren console prompt.

The repo Releases · joshgoebel/wren-console · GitHub currrently gives v0.3.1 (dated Nov 2021), and this seems to have none of the same problems: at least with hello-world, I haven’t got further yet. I’m not sure of the best way to respond - maybe update the installation instructions to v0.3??

Thanks for providing this resource, I now look forward to learning the language.

(cc @ajoshguy)