Video Series: A brief introduction to {LANG}

Following on from the popular A Brief Introduction to F#, Erik’s put together a series of other videos. These are being edited today and will be dripping out over the next few days. I’ll put all of them in this thread

Here’s the first: A brief Introduction to Elixir:

And for easy scrolling/clicking in the future, he’s the F# one:

Erik appears quite happy with F# and perhaps a little surprised by Elixir in the thumbnails… I wonder what other emotions we will see depending upon the language :)

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Guess the language…

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 23.44.24

A new party game! Matching programming languages with Erik’s facial expressions.


Can’t wait for the Go face :D

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He’s taking off the hoodie… Haskell must be really hard

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