What Sub-Categories would be useful?

As we start working out how to structure the Forum so that conversation remains well organised and structured, it would be great to get ideas and thoughts around useful sub-categories and conversation topics.

Please use this thread to:

  • Suggest useful and practical sub-categories
  • Give a brief (one sentence) description of the purpose of the suggested category
  • Identify where you envision the sub-category being nested and why.

Please keep the focus of this thread strictly about sub-categories and use it to refine the sub-categories that would add value to Exercism’s eco-system.

Once we have some ideas, we can begin to flesh things out further so feel free to contribute!

We’ll need a space for maintainers, and likely maintainers per track, although these Slack channels probably weren’t too busy for the most part.

I actually have a “call to action” for the maintainer community (wrt the jq track), so I’m looking for this in particular.