Which language to choose for Functional Feb?

I am beginner in function programming which functional programming language i choose for functional feb

I really liked elixir, I think to this date that it is the language that has the best official documentation (that I have programmed in). And if you are experienced with ruby so does it have a bit similar syntax to that language.

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thanks but i have zero experiences in ruby
can i still go with elixir

You can, it is just syntax (how you write). I would say under the hood are the languages very different.

When I said similar syntax I meant that both languages uses end statements and uses def to declare functions.

But outside of that knowing ruby doesn’t help. So you absolutely don’t need ruby experience to learn elixir. It is just that some people may prefer to use end statements and is used to that kind of “typing”.

But there are a lot more languages than just ruby and elixir which uses end statments.

actually the i only use C like syntax language

I am not that used to c style programming and not to that many functional languages. I know scala uses {} but I think exploring the language which you find intresting and perhaps not focus too much that it has syntax that you feel familiar with since I think most functional languages uses a bit different syntax then C.

Reportedly Elixir has a great syllabus on Exercism. That seems like a good reason to try it on this platform.


This is really the point of #12in23 – give yourself the opportunity to go beyond your comfort zone and try languages with quite different syntax and/or paradigms. The more you know, the faster it is to pick up new languages!

I’m a veteran programmer, but I had a real mental block for functional languages until I worked through the elixir track. The learning syllabus does an excellent job guiding you.