Why is the black mug US only?

I really like the looks of the black mug, but it says it only ships to the US. Is there a specific reason for this? Can we really not get this in the EU?

Must be the vendor the mug is coming from. Googling the boilerplate item description, I see other Shopify stores that say the particular item is US only.

https://www.printful.com/custom/mugs/personalized/black-glossy-mug?color=Black&technique=MUG&size=15oz This is the base listing for the mug so it’s a limitation by the vendor.

There’s a few products we’re discovering like this. What’s really confusing is that they shipped samples internationally no problem at all, but when we’ve published it, this limitation has arisen.

@jonathanmiddleton is trying to find alternative suppliers for where this is the case :disappointed_relieved:

Yeah this has been one of those little snags that has popped up with a few of the products.

I am currently in the process of identifying alternative suppliers and making the necessary changes. We had the same with the Jigsaw puzzle that we found out wouldn’t ship to Europe.

Last week I spent a while with Shopify and Printful Support teams - we managed to sort one or two of the items by altering the ‘Shipping Zones’ in Shopify but the bottleneck was with Printful.

My goal this week is to add some additional suppliers who can meet our swag demands!

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