Wrong assign register in the Resistor Color exercise MIPs track

On the exercise Resistor Color in the MIPs track, the register $v0 is referenced as input when it should be output.

I’d be glad to send a PR to help fix it, how can I do?

This affects


My suggestion would be to upload a PR to GitHub - exercism/mips: Exercism exercises in MIPS Assembly. and then post again on this thread, with a link to the PR.

Exercism asks that people get a go ahead from maintainers prior to opening a PR. MIPS doesn’t have a maintainer, so this would be @iHiD and/or @ErikSchierboom

If it’s a bug that needs fixing, I’d welcome a PR. Erik’s working tomorrow and can merge it then :slight_smile:


Sent a PR: Fix wrong register assignment by rkaustchr · Pull Request #199 · exercism/mips · GitHub :)

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