X++ language (Microsoft Dynamics ERP)

Hi Everyone!

I can see that ABAP language exercises are available (SAP ERP system related) - it would be great to have X++ language (Microsoft Dynamics ERP related) exercises as well!
Is anyone aware of such plans? :)


Hello Michal,

the main thing for a track is a maintainer who can build the tracks infrastructure. It is quite a commitment and the work will probably continue once the track is released.

If you think there is demand for X++ and would be willing to invest the time, that might be you? In that case, there is a handy set of documents forbuilding a language track on Exercism.

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Does Microsoft Dynamics ERP have its own language? I’ve worked a bit with it in the past, and I just used C# to access Dynamics. The fact that we have ABAP is because ABAP is its own language too.

Yes it has! :)
Please refer to this article: X++ language reference - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn

Looking at X++ and C# comparison - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn, I do feel like the language is 99.9% the same as C#. What makes X++ different from C#?

I think the fact that you can write select statements in X++ (which are translated into SQL queries) makes it unique.

That makes it unique indeed! The next question would be: can Dynamics 365 be run free of charge in a Docker container? We would need that in order to be able to run tests.