Yacht exercise ready to launch

Hey! I’m pretty much done porting the Yacht exercise (as requested here), which was generated using the new exercise generator!

However, I encountered a discrepancy between the test cases for “full house” and the instructions, which don’t mention there being 2 different scores for a full house depending on whether it is “two small, three big” or “three small, two big”.

I don’t normally work on the problem specs repo, but I can submit a PR if that would be helpful. I assume the instructions should be updated to reflect the additional rule.

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Full house is (a double and triple) scores as (sum cards). The different cases use different names but the score is consistently the sum of the cards. Does that explain what’s going on?

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Ah you’re right, I missed that! And it says it right there, “Total of the dice”… I did find it incredibly unlikely that I’d find an error in problem specs. Thanks!

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@jealousmonk the PR is awaiting review, but if you’d like a head start you can find the exercise on this branch: Add Yacht exercise by BTowersCoding · Pull Request #534 · exercism/clojure (github.com)

(Spoiler warning: my own solution exists in the .meta directory.)


Yacht on the Exercism Clojure Track