12in23 dashboard

My 42nd language track just got checked off as green. I think 42 is a good number to stop at: it’s a generational thing.

It’s been a mostly positive experience, certainly educational. There about a dozen languages I definitely want to explore further, mostly ones I had used in previous years, but also some new ones (Crystal, Ballerina, V, Zig…). There were also a few I hated and never want to hear of again, but I won’t name them!

(P.S. Though I went to the same university as Douglas Adams, we didn’t overlap: he graduated and left in June 1974, I arrived in October that year)



But you’ll be wanting to get the full year badge in December, right… :slight_smile:

This is great to hear - thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Certainly: I’m at 49/50 and certainly won’t give up now. I mostly need to eliminate my infinite loop in mips/rotational-cipher

December Diversions includes CFML, Wren, Lua and Groovy, which I already did >=5 exercises in. None of those will take me past 42 tracks.

Thanks for sharing! You’ve done well!