48 status accessibility

First when screen readers read this page where I am adding this topic in the form. There is a optional tags section. All I see is “button, button, button ,button” with a screen reader.

While that is not why I am starting this topic it is a similar problem with accessibility.

I am doing the 48 in 24. When I go to the bottom of the status page it says I have the 3 leap year ones done and tells me how many more I have done in leap. Then it has a list of three items. That say nothing with a screen reader. The intersting part is when I go to the next with the reverse string in the list. those three items have the text of the language that the reverse string was done in which I think is the correct way it should read. So someone needs to take a look at the html or markdown for the first list and the second and fix the first so it reads correctly. It would be nice if graphics also had alt tags but if they are not important the way it is is fine. So what I expect when I arrow through the list is:

leap year 3
XX done in 24

What I hear is

leap 3 done
xxx extra done in 24

Depending on which screen reader I am using blank could currently be read as graphic could be nothing.

If you want to see what I mean. and are on windows. Just do ctrl+Microsoft key+ enter to turn on narrarator the free Microsoft screen reader and go to the section I am talking about. To turn it off press ctrl+Microsoft key+enter again.

Note: I would have probably fixed this myself but it looks like your website repo is not accepting pull requests.

Sadly we have no control over the forum’s accessibility as it is Discourse instance.

We’ll take a look at fixing this for you. Thanks for reporting! :slight_smile:

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It already looks better. I think you might have alt tagged the images with the word complete because now I hear that it is complete three timesfor leap. It still is missing the language that is complete on the leap. On the reverse string it shows the language name and complete. At least it says the language name when not complete though. Much better but still different for the first and the second.

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