48in24 implementation progress

So many people have helped add exercises for 48in24, that I thought it might be nice to give a status update.

The following is a list of number of exercises implement (max is 48) and the tracks with that count. Amazingly, we already have 6 tracks that have all 48 (and some tracks have foregone exercises so will never reach that count).

48: cpp, javascript, java, python, racket, tcl
47: elixir, php, prolog
46: crystal, csharp, fsharp, go, haskell, lua, powershell, ruby
45: c
44: kotlin, typescript
43: scala, vbnet
42: bash, rust
40: gleam, vlang
39: clojure, wren
38: delphi, swift
37: common-lisp, erlang, nim
36: elm
35: awk
34: dart, julia, raku
33: vimscript
32: groovy, sml
30: cfml, lfe, pyret
29: ballerina, r
28: coffeescript, objective-c, euphoria
27: mips, perl5, cobol
25: d, unison, jq
24: ocaml, zig
22: emacs-lisp, pharo-smalltalk
21: purescript, scheme
20: reasonml
19: fortran
18: x86-64-assembly
17: abap, red, wasm, 8th
12: sqlite
6: plsql

If we filter for only exercises that were created this year, we get this amazing list:

39: powershell, prolog
33: vbnet, gleam, vlang
30: pyret
29: ballerina
28: racket, euphoria
24: coffeescript
20: mips, vimscript
19: crystal
15: cpp
14: php, zig
13: cfml, lfe
12: raku, sqlite
11: sml
10: c, cobol
9: d, dart, unison
8: lua, red
7: r, ruby, wren, jq
6: elm, fortran, awk
5: emacs-lisp, groovy, rust, x86-64-assembly
4: 8th
3: haskell, nim, scala, wasm
2: javascript, julia, kotlin, ocaml, reasonml, typescript
1: bash, clojure, elixir, erlang, go, java, purescript, python, swift, pharo-smalltalk, tcl, abap

That’s 320 exercises added this year! Congrats to everyone that has helped, this is an absolutely amazing stat.


That’s awesome. Thanks everyone!


:partying_face: For Racket, that was all @alterpatzer’s doing.

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Could you add a link perhaps in the languages section That lands on a page with "Sorry ____ does not have an implementation for this exercise Here is how to do add one and the following are the Exercises available for___ so far.
I am new to Exercism and so far I think it is awesome.

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You can already see that by checking the track’s building status.
Go to near top right, click on the 3 dots and there will be a drop down menu for it.

https://exercism.org/challenges/48in24/implementation_status is also available. It gives you a grid of all the currently available tracks and all the 48in24 exercises so you can see the status of each exercise by track.

Thank you for the quick response. I was confused I thought the 48 in 24 were additional exercises beyond what was on the exercise page.