8th track, outof sync exercism/8th on github and content of track on website

The binary exercise of the 8th track on the website fails with a file error ‘test.8th not a file’, and this exercise doesn’t show on the exercism/8th github content. Additionally i see two instances of the pangram exercise in my exercises view on the website in the 8th track.

Do you see

specifically the text

This exercise has been updated. Update to the latest version and see if your tests still pass.

If you do, click it and accept the changes.

But you’ve already done that and you’re getting the
@ErikSchierboom is it therefore that the update of the exercise didn’t create the test.8th file?

And I see two Pangrams as well

@ErikSchierboom , what’s happening here?

I just cloned the track to see if there were two instances of pangram in the config.json. No sign of duplication there.

However, there’s no sign of the binary exercise in exercises\practice and it’s not present in config.json

My guess would be that binary might have once been part of the config.json? And for pangram, maybe its uuid was changed?

I’ve manually fixed both issues

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