A Hacker News discussion on the Unison programming language

Unison language – a new approach to Distributed programming


Oh wow! Unison maintainer here, :wave: thank you for posting this! I would have totally missed it otherwise, so I would have been re-deploying the Unison website in the middle of a huge wave of traffic :sweat_smile:! Unison’s support for distributed computing is one of our cool features, and I’ve actually been meaning to add some Exercism exercises about that.


That sounds like it’ll be a fun challenge for our infrastructure! :wink:

Haha, we won’t take up too much compute time or space I hope! We wrote a local simulator for the distributed programming API. It’s kind of cool, with the distributed library being based on algebraic effects, you can write the business logic of your distributed program but then the actual interpreter of the program can be swapped out!