A long shot for a missed badge

Hi there,
First I want to say thank you to the staffs for the amazing “12in23” initiative, I started out my programming journey with Python and have thought about branching out to know more about other languages / programming in general but never sure which one to choose.

Then I saw “12in23” one day in mid Feb and thought this is just what I want. I ended up picking Elixir for the month February after seeing the presentation.
I started from scratch and actually learn the language not just for the designated assignments (although I did try to solve those ASAP), and I really enjoy it - so much that I basically didn’t do much of March Madness (going to C from Python was truly an experience ), and by now I’m about 70% through of all of Elixir exercises.

But here is where things have gone wrong… :: . I have a habit of only ever mark my completed exercises and not publishing them since I don’t think most of my naive solutions that I come up with is any good to post, so I basically never publish any of them, as long as they are completed and checked off it is good enough for me.
As I keep doing Elixir and completely oblivious about the whole “publishing” thing because the progress bar all got ticked off (which is different to the sidebar which count the designated ones), until just couple days ago, still think that as long as I finish them in the year it would be ok.

To make things even more confused for me, I frantically published all my Julia exercises that i did in April on morning of May 1st and somehow got the April badge (maybe there is a soft grace period there still), I then went on to do the same for my Elixir ones but I got nothing which was what it should be.
So yeah, missing out March was fine because I didn’t do anything, however missing out Feb badge because I enjoy Elixir so much was sort of an irony.
I have no expectation to get the badge now, but as the title say…It is a long shot and I gotta go for it if the staffs somehow allow it.

Anyway, if you somehow read all of this, I hope you would at least get a chuckle out of this whole silly situation.

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There is.

Could you condense what you would like us to do into one sentence and then @ErikSchierboom will do it for you please :slight_smile:

I wonder if I can still get the Functional Badge, I can provide proofs that I solved those in Feb if needed, I just forgot to publish them. No problem if I can’t either, if this challenge run again next year I can try again.

I enjoy doing some Prolog exercises atm based on your rec in the video, very interesting language.
A quick side question : is ChatGPT function available for everybody? I thought it is only for Insiders but i saw it added today with 30 tokens for v3.5 and 3 for v4 each month.

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No. It should haven’t been! I’ve just fixed this - thanks! Consider yourself an Insider for the next 30days as a thank you for pointing it out. The button should be enabled for you on the Insiders page. And I’ve awarded you the Functional Feb badge :)

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Oh, great. Thank you very much. I guess this explain why the site was down shortly after I made the post :sweat_smile: :