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It looks like this category description is still in placeholder mode?

I’ve been wondering if it would be an appropriate use of the forum to make a thread for building the representer here, to serve as a public developer log?

I tend to write a lot as I’m programming, which is extremely useful for documenting the why of things, as opposed to just the how as is unfortunately the case all too commonly. Almost never, when looking at someone else’s code (or even our own) long after the fact, is it at all clear what particular circumstances, constraints, etc. contribute to the numerous decisions that were made along the way, and this is quite unfortunate.

These “brain dumps” usually end up being included in GitHub issues and PRs for whatever the feature is, and kind of get lost, and I find myself writing as if there’s an audience and halfway expecting some kind of interaction that never quite happens because I’m pretty much a one-person team. It’s in a primary sense for me to get my thoughts straight, but I often float general questions that could be answered by maintainers of other tracks if they only knew the issue I am dealing with, and conversely, I often write a lot of interesting stuff that could have significant value to others, if only it were written some place where they knew it was there.

EDIT: I now see there is a Clojure category… but even that might be too specific for what I have in mind, which is to kind of create a social dynamic around the development process. To limit the reach to those subscribed to the Clojure category might be self-defeating, but I might not actually be properly understanding how categories work… is it like Slack where they’re opt-in? Please forgive my confusion I’m still stumbling around here.

Hey @porkostomus :tada:

Firstly, I have updated the category description. Thanks for pointing it out :smile:

Then secondly, I’ve taken a moment to just think through the best way to implement some form of brain-storming with the goal of moving towards a more formal methodology to document the thinking. Don’t worry about feeling confused, we’re still mapping things out here and your post has helped to bring something into the light.

Overall, I think you are right @porkostomus. Creating a thread within the #exercism:building-exercism is a good way to go. If we need to re-assess and organise appropriately further down then line then we can easily do so.

As long as we keep the over-arching purpose of the thread clear then we can have clear guidelines to keep topics on-topic.

Can you create a new thread and then I’ll move your post to it?

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Great! I had already come to the same conclusion, which was what inspired this: