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how does the syllabus work? It appears to be a tree of dependencies, but unlocking items seems random (ie which items do I need to do next). Is there a view that is more linear?

It is a tree of dependencies, but the connections between the specific concepts are too complex and chaotic for the UI to be able to render the tree fully and still have a readable graph :slightly_smiling_face:. Some of the connections might have been omitted from the visual representation, and some of the concepts that look like they come one after another, might not actually be related (but didn’t fit in one row!).

If you hover over one of the locked concepts, it will show you what you need to learn next to unlock it.

If you want more of a linear progression, I can recommend going to the “Overview” tab instead and always look for the first “dot” (exercise) with a lightbulb. That will give you a good learning experience, at least on the Elixir track.