Account delete option does not work

Hi, i’ve decided to delete my exercism account, but the “delete account” button does not work after entering confirmation handle. I would like my account to be deleted and receive a confirmation of that action… but the bug fix would work too

Sorry about that. @ErikSchierboom will look into this on Tuesday for you, and likely provide a bug-fix for you then :slight_smile:

much appreciated, tho i’m on my way out - wish you all the best 8))

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Thanks! Can I ask why you chose to leave (feel free to say that I cannot - no offence will be taken!)

Oh, that’s not confidential or anything 8))

The story goes like… several years ago going through a personal crysis i’ve decided to pivot like 180 and learn programming and game development… some research later i’ve stumbled upon exercism, liked the idea, tried it for an exercise or two… numerous free courses on programming (C# specifically due to Unity preferred language) and personal practice later i’ve completely forgot about it and abandoned provided services…

anyway… back to today (almost three years, two jobs and two PC’s later) - i’ve recently decided to cautiously controll my online presence and personally delete or support accounts on different websites… there goes exercism… Not that the platform is bad in any way or anything

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I’ve found the issue preventing the account from being deleted. PR is created: Delete solution tags when resetting account by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #6678 · exercism/website · GitHub Once that is merged (and it is deployed), you should be able to delete your account.