Add a post exercise document / page

I think it would be good to show students a page / document when they finish a solution.

This page could:

  • Discus common pitfalls / code quality issues (that can’t be caught be the analyser)
  • Discuss various ways of solving the exercise and the trade offs of each method
  • Signpost the exemplar solution
  • Signpost interesting community solutions
  • Ask you to comment on a couple of existing solutions
  • Probably some other stuff

I find it a bit unsatisfying finishing a solution at the moment. Viewing community solutions can be good, but you never quite know if you are seeing a good solution, and you never know if you have seen the full range of possible solutions.

Also, very few community solutions have any comments / ratings / stars at the moment, and I think it would be good to drive more interaction on this.

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I think many of these points would also be great in this discussion, where we’re floating ideas/suggestions for improvement to the finish exercise modal and the exercise page.

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@ceddlyburge Are you aware of Approach documents (docs) / the Dig Deeper tab (example)?

Thanks Matthijs, the approach documents (which are inside the dig deeper tab I think), get some of the way there.

I still think that there is more to do, and the exercises I’ve completed / authored don’t have any dig deeper stuff, so maybe making it compulsory would help.

Correct, they are two names for essentially the same thing.

Please ping me when you start working on this. I am writing Haskell Approaches; maybe we can combine work.

Compulsory for student or for exercise authors?

Thanks Matthijs. I assume that the haskell and elm tracks are relatively similar, at least for the simpler exercises, so this could work well. I think I’m going to focus on the concept exercises for now, and then circle back and add approaches and analyser rules afterwards, so I’ll get in touch then.
Cheers, Cedd