Add Eliud's Eggs exercise (48in24)

Eliud’s Eggs seems to be coming in the future in 48in24 and it’s missing from the ruby track.

It seems like a simple integer to binary string followed by a substring count, I was thinking a difficulty of 3? That would match word count.

Let me know if I should go ahead with it.

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Difficulty levels are more of an art than a science and differ from person to person or even from one time to another time for a given person. So I wouldn’t sweat the precise difficulty too much as long as you fall within the right “displayed” difficulty on the website. After all, that’s what the student sees (easy, medium, or hard) with no way to distinguish between an exercise marked level 2 or one marked level 3.

I believe it’s 1 - 3 for easy, 4 - 6 for medium, and 7 - 10 for hard,

And, to answer the question… definitely go ahead with it!

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I gave it a shot today: Add Eliud's Eggs exercise by ellnix · Pull Request #1681 · exercism/ruby · GitHub.

Let me know if anything is wrong or everything is right :smile:


This is merged and should be part of the available exercises soon!

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