Add parallel-letter-frequency Exercise

I’ve got a local implementation working using Ractor on my forked repo, but I don’t feel comfortable outlining an explanation of concurrency/parallelism in Ruby for folks to try taking a crack at it from scratch.

I saw the JavaScript track has some good additional resources and I’d love some collaboration on getting a page like this together for the Ruby exercise:

My branch here, let me know if I should open the PR: GitHub - mr-sigma/ruby at add-parallel-leter-frequency

I’ll get one of the Ruby maintainers to look at this!

By the way, it is recommended to open a forum post before opening a PR.

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Yes, please open the PR :slight_smile:

The best place for the dicussion on this is probably in an approaches article afterwards, rather than the - but we can use that file to point people to ractors as a option.

PR is here! Add parallel leter frequency by mr-sigma · Pull Request #1638 · exercism/ruby · GitHub

It appears that the forum post existed at least 8 hours before the PR came to be.

Their branch work being done hours before this forum post came in as they were considering things.

All looks good on the front.

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I’ve reviewed the PR.

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