Add Parallel-Letter-Frequency to Python

I am extremely interested in seeing Parallel-Letter-Frequency added to the Python exercises.

I have created the tests (ported from JS) and the documentation.

I also have created a simple demonstration implementation (not high quality, by any means, but passes the tests).

I have not yet created a GitHub Issue, as the contribution guidelines suggest creating a forum post before creating a new issue, but I am more then willing to do so.

My implementation, base code, tests, and README are located here.

Please provide any feedback or tests that need to be added, or updates that need to be added to the instructions.

Thank you!

Hi @monster0506 :wave:

Welcome to the Exercism forums!

Thank you for your efforts. Unfortunately, Parallel-Letter-Frequency is a foregone exercise (it has not be available since 2017) for Python, and one that we are not looking to reimplement. This post has some more details, but the upshot is that Parallel-Letter-Frequency is not an exercise that works well for Python, given the GIL.

We are actually also on a general pause for adding any new exercises to the Python track, since we have approaches, tooling and bug fix work that we need to complete. Should that change, we’ll let you know.

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Thank you! I understand the reasoning behind foregoing the exercise. If any change is made to the GIL, however, I would love to see it implemented!

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