Add practice exercise 'List-Ops' to the Nim track

Hi, I’ve watched the video about missing exercises and I’d be so happy to help. I’d like to start with adding List-Ops exercise to the Nim track. I could start today. May I?

If you want to help and already understand the process, just fork the track and start working on the exercise. Then you can PR it and post the link here. Maintainers or staffs will then take a look at it and give feedback if needed or thumb up to go ahead and merge.

I think @ee7-1282 is one of the maintainers of the track, and would welcome contribution.

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Sure! Looking forward to the PR.

I’ve started a translation of list-ops to nim two days ago but I’m happy to let you do that instead.

I’ve written a Nim program that reads the problem-specification and prints the tests. If you like you can have it, it’s about 90% finished.


Thank you!

Sounds awesome, I’d be happy to take a look into it

Here you go.

Feel free to do whatever you want with it.

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I’ve submitted a PR though I was unable to provide 2 tests and solutions for them :disappointed: It’s about handling nesting lists in concatenate and reverse functions. I’ve tried using generics but failed miserably. I’ve look on implementations in other statically typed languages but those were missing or not applicable. I’m pretty new to statically types languages and I need to deepen my understanding of generics.