Added Eliud's eggs exercise

I have added the Eliud’s eggs exercise as per its problem specification for the go track.

PR: Add eliuds eggs exercise by KasimKaizer · Pull Request #2792 · exercism/go · GitHub

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Is there any issue with the PR that I have submitted?

Reviews sometimes take a day or few until volunteers (track maintainers) get around to them.

+cc @andrerfcsantos as one of the Go track maintainers.

I’m not a Go person but difficulty of 4 seems high for this exercise.

As Isaac said, you’ve posted this 10 hours after the PR was created, which is a very short time. There’s nothing inherently wrong with your PR, it’s just that Exercism’s tracks are built by volunteers, so you’re not guaranteed that someone will respond within a day or so. You’ll have to be a little patient :)

Thanks for the reply @ErikSchierboom @IsaacG !

I was worried that I might have been making some errors unkowningly with implementations, as my previous PR is also not yet merged. but I guess its probably that people are busy, I will wait patiently.

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