Added reverse-string exercise to Haskell track

As part of preparation for 48in24, I saw in the Exercism forums that the reverse-string exercise will be coming up on the 23rd of January and the Haskell track did not have this exercise implemented.

This PR implements the exercise.

As I’m a new contributor, this PR was automatically closed and I was asked to post here in the forums instead. Please let me know if you’d like to go ahead with this contribution or if this is not the way to go about things in the Haskell track I would be interested to learn the process so that I might start contributing there in the future.

The example solution I included in the PR is a bit boring (it just uses Haskell’s reverse which feels like cheating :sweat_smile:) so I’m open to rewriting that in another way such as using a recursive loop.

Awesome. Thanks! It’ll get looked at tomorrow hopefully :slight_smile:

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