Adding a syllabus to the C++ track

I want to help with the C++ track to add concepts and form a syllabus like it is already available in other languages (Elixir is a good example). Where should I start? I read the “freeing up maintainers” post, I have grazed through the help but was missing a common ground for everyone to meet up. The forums seem to be the place, but they are not very frequented from a maintainer perspective, the slack appeared to have a bit more activity.

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Hello. Thanks for wanting to help! The easiest way (and there’s not really an easy way!) would be to choose exercises from other tracks that you feel are appropriate and then start copying them over.

The main work will be in:

  • Choosing the right exercises
  • Changing them to be C++ syntax
  • Changing the concept documents to reflect C++.

@glennj might have some insight on a good process as he just finished the first version of this for the JQ track this week :slight_smile:

(Re Slack/Forum. Slack is deprecated. Forum is relatively active for on-topic discussions I think, but less so for off-topic ones :slight_smile:)

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When the syllabus, the concepts, and concept exercises were introduced a few issues were created on GitHub (basically TODOs): a few for extracting concepts from existing practice exercises, one for the list of concepts, and three for implementing concept exercises.

But not much has happened since then, except for the exercise for the strings concept (implemented by silvanocerza, later renamed to log-levels).

The tasks are still the same:

  • Update the list of concepts (if necessary).
  • Choose one of those concepts, write about it.
  • Create an exercise for it.

Not so, my friend!

Do follow the links provided by @siebenschlaefer and take advantage of the foundations that have already been built.

While building the jq track, I put together a checklist for creating concepts and learning exercises: that worked well for me. jq/ at main · exercism/jq · GitHub

From my perspective, creating the exercise is the easy part. Doing the writing is the hard and tedious part. You’ll do well to have a partner who can review/edit/correct your work.

Good luck. I’ll help out however I can.

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Wow, very nice! I did not expect so many good responses in such a short amount of time. I am happy to be wrong about the activity here.

Good point to start, thanks.

I love checklists. That will be a great help.

Yes, I thought as much. Many tracks have a load of exercises, but the documentation is always a point of distinction.

This is also a call for everyone who wants to join!

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I think I followed everything I found in the docs. Would be nice to start a discussion about it. Is the auto-closed PR the best medium for the thoughts that went into the task?

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I’ve reopened the PR - that’s probably the best place, yes :slight_smile:

Ideally we’d get a couple of PRs merged and then we could add you to the org so that your PRs stop getting auto-closed!

If that PR stalls, please let me know here and I’ll try and tag some more people into it, but hopefully everyone here can take a look and chime in! :slightly_smiling_face: