Adding new track for Tact Language

I would like to propose a new track for Tact programming language to exercism.
Tact is a smart contracts language for The Open Network. It is quite similar to solidity and javascript in terms of code and can support general pogramming features as well.

Given below is the link for example programmes developed using Tact.

A track for another language on The Open Network, Func, was also proposed recently:

All considerations from that thread probably apply to Tact as well.

Are you prepared to build this track yourself?

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I few considerations are applicable on Tact as similar to FunC but Tact is much better evolved and I feel a number of existing problem statements can be crafted to this directly with little modifications.

I would like to build this track and then invite a few other Tact community members to help develop more problem statements for the Track.

Hi @MatthijsBlom, what next steps should I take on to work on building this track?

First steps are suggested in the previously linked thread.

There are also these docs: New Track | Exercism's Docs

Hi @MatthijsBlom
I have created a hello_world project having the specifications as specified in the problem description.

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@ErikSchierboom will be creating a track for you shortly.

The first step will be to add 20 practice exercises from Problem Specifications (starting with hello-world), and building out a Test Runner. Then we can look at Concept Exercises :slight_smile:

The repo is up here: Launch tracking · Issue #1 · exercism/tact · GitHub

Please let us know your GitHub username so we can give you write-access to the repo.

My github username is yash0501

Sweet, thanks. You should have an invite.

Great idea, I am excited about this language appearing here, so will try my best to contribute. This shouldn’t be too hard