Create new track for Func

FunC is a smart contracts language for The Open Network.

  1. FunC is a domain-specific, C-like, statically typed language.
  2. FunC programs are compiled into Fift assembler code, which generates corresponding bytecode for the TON Virtual Machine.
  3. Further this bytecode (actually a tree of cells, like any other data in the TON Blockchain) can be used for creating smart contracts in the blockchain or can be run on a local instance of TVM.

As it becoming more popular, I think exercism should have a path related to it.

All the tracks are created and maintained by volunteers. It would be lovely to have more tracks … but that needs someone to put in the work to build and maintain them :slight_smile: Are you interested in building a new Func track?


Yeah, I’ve read rules of establishing the new track.

I’m happy to maintain it, regarding building, I think I would include some Func/TON community contributors to help me with that :ok_hand:

The maintainer tends to own and lead the track building. Are you interested in building the track and asking for collaborators or asking if someone else wants to step forward and build the track?

I would own and build the track involving TON dev community.

@IsaacG what else I need to do, to get this track authorized?

@chakzefir Great that you’re happy to build this thanks.

The first step is to decide on the set up for your hello-world exercise and test suite. Hello world is a standardised first exercise in all languages. You can see it’s specification here. Creating this helps us determine what work needs to go into building the track from the Exercism staff’s perspective. Once we’ve got that agreed, we’ll create you a repository and can start adding code into that on GitHub.

Could you provide a sample Hello World solution and test suite for it in this forum thread pls?

I’m guessing using C as your basis is best, in which case look at these three files:

Thank you!