Addition to 'Installing C++ locally' page

It seems to me that the ‘Installing C++ locally’ page assumes OSX users will be using Xcode. I use OSX (Sonora) and my development hitherto has been with interpreted languages so when I started the C++ track, I fumbled a bit with the make/build/complie concept.

Added to that, I don’t use Xcode and don’t want to have to switch horses from Visual Studio Code, which is what I have been using with Javascript and Ruby and what I’m used to.

What I am proposing is that the page is amended from

MacOS users can install GCC with Homebrew via brew install gcc.


MacOS users can install GCC with Homebrew via brew install gcc.

For users of Xcode
Instructions for said users

For users of Visual Studio Code (VSC)
brew install cmake , and if the docs are required

brew install cmake-docs

In VSC, add the CMake and Cmake Tools extensions.

Visit using CMake instructions and follow the instructions there. They are aimed at Linux but work for OSX too.

Hello. Could you clarify which page you’re talking about please?

I’m looking at Installing C++ locally | Exercism's Docs and not seeing any existing instructions for xcode, but seeing mention of xcode and VSCode, so I’m not exactly sure what “page assumes OSX users will be using Xcode” refers to. It seems to me atm that the page is IDE agnostic and only mentions installing cmake via brew.

To be clear, I’d happily see instructions for Xcode, VS Code and anything else, but I’m just a little confused about what you’re refering to. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi, Sorry for the delay in replying.
I’m talking specifically about the page entitled ‘Installing C++ locally’.
Just before the subtitle ‘A Modern C++14 Compiler’ are the lines
Many IDE’s, including Microsoft’s Visual Studio, Apple’s Xcode, and JetBrains’ CLion bundle a compiler and CMake together, so you should only need to install the IDE.
At the bottom of the page are the instructions for MacOS.
‘MacOS users can install GCC with Homebrew via brew install gcc.’
So, while it doesn’t specifically say ‘now use Xcode’, the implication is there, to me at least. Perhaps that’s just me.
Anyway, as a Mac and VSCode user, the experience was
brew install gcc, thinking this ain’t gonna work and it didn’t.
Hence the suggested change.
(And thinking about it, the Linux section looks a little light too).
I hope that makes my thinking a little clearer.
Or perhaps the edit needs to be in the testing page?