Advice: Looking to Contribute!

Hi everyone!

I recently chanced upon exercism and found it amazing. I was hoping to contribute to my first open-source project and this seemed like a great starting place! The problem is… I’ve never contributed before!

I noted exercism has a contributing page. Should I start off there?

Thank you in advance for the help :)

For now I think you should look after reposetories with the tag contributions open. If you know crystal I can help you get started on the crystal track otherwise I recommend looking for one of the other repos with contribtions open. I think this thread could also help you with how to get started: Contributing to Open Source projects (“Good First Issue”) - Programming - Exercism.

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Wow thank you… Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with Crystal, but I will start looking for such repositories. Thank you!

I’d suggest that you start using exercism as a student. Pick a track for a language you’re comfortable with and solve a bunch of exercises. Use mentoring. Keep track of aspects of the exercises or documentation that bug you. Take note of exercises that are not implemented in that track that you are interested in solving.

This will give you some focus to your first contribution and some thoughts about how to carry on contributing. That’s how I got started on the bash track.

Don’t expect to be able to contribute to the website itself. The exercism staff keep that to themselves.

Do read the documentation (linked in the footers of all pages).


Be very welcome to Exercism and to the forum! :wave:

Like Glenn said, I think it’s essential that you focus your contributions on the things you would like to see changed and are passionate about.

To add to what was said, even if your favourite track is not taking contributions for PRs, do hang out here on the forum and feel free to create new topics discussing things. A track’s maintainer might still see your post and work with you to implement the changes. That’s also a way to contribute. Seeing other people’s posts will also give you a better idea on how Exercism works in general and the kinds of things you want to get more involved into.