Advice to avoid frustration as a beginner

Hi Everyone, Im Jennifer ! im from Colombia and im feeling frustrated. I was hoping someone could offer an advice on how to better approach the tasks at Java, should I investigate further than the hints and tutorials? Sometimes I feel it’s bigger than me but I want my mind to comprehend Java and I want to succeed. I want to be an automation qa engineer.

Do you have any games or reads or any exercises at all to train my mind so I can get this information more easily ?

Im a biologist, I like to read I like to research but maybe my mind doesn’t like mathematical logic stuff so I want to know of tricks, advices or anything really that could help me.

Thank you all <3

If you’re entirely new to programming, you may not be Exercism’s target audience.

There are some resources for learning Java here: How to learn Java | Exercism's Docs

Yeah, Exercism has its place, but it’s more for developing skill than for learning from scratch.

If it’s any help, when I first started I found it useful to read not just books about programming, but actual programs. I spent a lot of time pouring over code trying to figure out what it was doing and how, referring to the books when I needed an explanation. Of course, back then they used to publish high-quality code in magazines, which was a terrific resource. There’s even more code out there now, but I’m not sure how one might go about finding good example code these days.