All Your Base JS; need support

I am doing the “All Your Base” JavaScript exercise. My toBaseTen method. works perfectly. But, my toBaseX is a bit broken. Well, kind of a lot. So, first of all, my while loop was never breaking, so I posted on a reddit, and they told me to use a forced-breaking loop. I replaced true with BREAKER--. The loop eventually breaks after 10,000 iterations if BREAKER is never equal to zero.

When I ran the tests for my code below, 7 tests passed! But then, I received an error for Test 6: Converter > trinary to hexadecimal. You can go to this track yourself to see the context and run it, not gonna provide every single detail. Here is the error I got:

Error: expect(received).toEqual(expected) // deep equality

- Expected  - 1
+ Received  + 2

  Array [
-   10,
+   1,
+   0,

I am not good at diffs, but I think that means that the output [2, 10] is expected but [2, 1, 0] was received.

I have no idea how to fix this. Can y’all help me out please? I am so stuck, tried so many things, and my code isn’t working. I hope you guys know what’s going on.

// This is only a SKELETON file for the 'All Your Base' exercise. It's been provided as a
// convenience to get you started writing code faster.

const toBaseTen = (number, from) => {
  let memory = 0;
  for (let i = 0; i < number.length; i++) {
    let num = number[i];
    let base = (number.length - 1) - i;
    let final = num * (from ** base);
    memory += final;
  return memory;

const toBaseX = (number, to) => {
  let BREAKER = 10000;
  let buffer = number;
  let memory = [];
  while (BREAKER--) {
    let quotient = Math.floor(buffer/to);
    let remainder = buffer % to;
    buffer = quotient;
    if (quotient == 0) {break}
  return parseInt(memory.join(''));

export const convert = (number, from, to) => {
  let decimal = toBaseTen(number, from);
  let integer = toBaseX(decimal, to);
  return String(integer).split('').map(Number);
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Are you able to run JS locally? It might be helpful to call that toBaseX function and print out the quotient, remainder and buffer on each loop iteration.

In toBaseX, you have memory, an array of digits in the wanted base → [2, 10]

Then you join the elements and convert to a number → 210

Then, in convert, you split the number into (base 10) digits → [2, 1, 0]

The test case is

  test('trinary to hexadecimal', () => {
    expect(convert([1, 1, 2, 0], 3, 16)).toEqual([2, 10]);

At one point, you have the expected value. Can you see where you’re doing too much work?

On the infinite loop, I can’t see why.

Well, the thing is, I wrote it thinking there wouldn’t be bases over ten. And because of that, now the whole thing is messed up, but I don’t know where to start to fix it… I am thinking I have a deeper problem that’s causing both what you mentioned and the infinite loop?

EDIT: Wow. I’m so stupid; didn’t even see the obvious mistake: we’re converting an array to an integer, and then converting that integer back to an array… and why? For no reasons. I fixed the array problem. Now, I will just make errors for faulty inputs…

But the infinite loop is still throwing me off! Can’t figure out what’s going wrong.

Yep. After completing all tests for errors, the while loop is fixed. Although I would’ve wanted to know why it broke, I guess I will never know.

You should disable all tests and enable them one by one until you figure out which inputs result in the infinite loop.

My guess is that when to = 0, the quotient Math.floor(buffer/to) is Infinity and never goes to zero.