Allergies needs a hint

Problem description needs some hints. I don’t think it’s even remotely possible to approach this problem cold, i.e., without already knowing that the underlying problem and solution involves bit manipulation. From the initial readme, the problem is totally inscrutable.

I think many experienced programmers would immediately jump the idea of bit manipulation, but I agree that if you’ve not really used it before, it might be impossible to guess at.

@ErikSchierboom - Thoughts on updating prob-specs with a note like “Most solutions make use of bit manipulation. If that’s a topic you’re not familiar with, check out our deep dive video on this video”

(P.S. I’m moving this to its own topic as I don’t think this is unrelated to the OP)

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I think the deep dive would maybe give away things a bit too much. Maybe what we need is to update the instructions to make it clear how this is encoding things in bits?