Allow multiple files editing in editor?

Hi exercists!
I’ve got feedback from one of the solution students that it is not possible to have multiple files to be edited in Online editor. Currently, only one (main) solution file with source is expected. Some tracks (e.g. Pharo) can serialize code into separate files (since it holds format one file per class). This is problematic, when someone needs another class in his solution, since he is not able to do separate file. What is your feedback on following:

  • add validation that main (slug.class.extension) solution file is present?
  • allow to create new file button? (it would be responsibility of track/student to “plug” or import additional source files into main solution file)

Can, but not must?

If wanted, additional files can be submitted via the command line, using exercism.

Not saying that it would not be a nice addition to be able to add the file via the web interface, though. But not necessary.

Yeah, this make sense. It’s quite a bit of work for us though, and won’t be a priority for the next few months. But it’s something I’d like to add eventually.

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Yes, for CLI it works well (or better: there is a way to submit exercise directly from running Pharo image - that is a result of screenshot). And yes, this would be just nice addition for people, who don’t want to bother with image and want to use multiple classes. Definitely not necessary.

I see, definitely not a priority. I didn’t know, how much effort it represents. Just in case, if there would be an item on Online editor backlog, let me know!

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