Analyzer Claims to have Recommendation, but reveals nothing

I submitted an iteration of the resistor-colors-duo exercise that passed, but claimed that the analyzer had recommendations. The recommendations area of the analysis is empty, and I can’t find anything to click for more information. Where should I look?

This is likely a bug in the analyzer configuration. Could you copy-paste here your full solution so that we can test it?

export const COLORS = {
    'black' : '0',
    'brown' : '1',
    'red' : '2',
    'orange' : '3',
    'yellow' : '4',
    'green' : '5',
    'blue' : '6',
    'violet' : '7',
    'grey' : '8',
    'white' : '9'     }
export const decodedValue = ([color1, color2]) =>
    parseInt(COLORS[color1] + COLORS[color2])

thanks for looking

@thelmalu I’ll try to prevent this problem from appearing for more students soon, but just FYI: the comment that you are not seeing about your solution is a recommendation to use Number(...) instead of parseInt(...) when you know that the input is a number.


Thank you! My son is mentoring me through the JavaScript Track, and he suggested 3 possible changes, none of which was it. Then I myself tried the change to number, which immediately triggered 2 recommendations arising from the clumsy way I had done that