Any track here for frontend web dvelopers

Is there any track available for frontend web development

Closest is javascript or typescript which is used in frontend web development. Although there is no track focused on frontend. If you don’t want to use webassembly

Exercism teaches programming languages, not frameworks or paradigms, so while you can get really good at JavaScript here, you’d need other things to learn CSS, HTML, and whatever choice of JS framework you use.

@ Codersoll, freeCodeCamp may meet your needs.

Frontend here, but came to exercism to focus on getting better with JS and TypeScript.

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I’m a fan of functional languages for the frontend. I personally use Clojure/Clojurescript, but if I were choosing a language today, I’d definitely look at Elm and Elixir.

Hey, I highly recommend the JS track for frontend (then TS), and I also recommend Elm, as it is a nice functional language developed mainly for web apps and especially for GUI. It compiles to JS code, is used at many places, e.g. some parts of is written in Elm.