Any way to find the full list of achievements?

Hi guys, I am looking for a list of badges. I found BADGES.MD in the v3 git repo, but that only let to badges being considered, not current ones. How can I find out all the badges earnable?

You need to look in the app/ directory of the website repo. I don’t recall precisely where they are.

@iHiD maybe we could create a badge for finding the badges…


There isn’t a public one. Mainly because quite a few of them are fun “easter egg” badges that you get for doing random things, rather than positively gamified things. The Track Trophies on the other hand are designed to be positive things to aim for.

Ooh, hi, founder!

Anyways, about the track trophies, where can you see them all, on your profile?

Only on each track page. They aren’t gathered up anywhere else.