API feature request

  1. mentoring/discussions?status=<workspace_status>

    The track slug is currently not part of the .results.[].exercise object.

    • include a link to the student’s track objective:
      "links": {
        "self": "...",
        "student_track_objective": ".../mentoring/student/<handle>?track_slug=<track_slug>"
    • or, include the track slug in the exercise object.
  2. mentoring/requests

    • include a link to the student’s solution

@glennj Will do.
@ErikSchierboom One to discuss and sort at this month :slight_smile:


I’ll put it on my list

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Another item to add the the list, if it’s possible.

As a mentor, it’s frustrating to get a student request that’s failing: I can’t see the test results.

From the API, I’d like to be able to see the test_run data for a student’s iterations if I’m the mentor. Currently I don’t have permission.

Ideally, we’d find a place on the /mentoring/requests/UUID page to show it.

Is the reason that you can not see the students failed tests is because they are developing their exercise locally? Or you can not see them in the iteration you are mentoring?

I thought you could click on the Failed word and see them. I can see the passing tests.

Ohhh. I didn’t think of that. It doesn’t look like a link. Thanks!