APL Track Inclusions

Any plans on creating an APL track? It would be cool to have.

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Would you like to build an APL track? Exercism tracks are all volunteer-built :slight_smile:

Sadly, I am less than a noob when it comes to APL, just liked what little I’ve read about it though. If I do make some progress in a month or so, then sure, I would love to build one!

There was a GNU APL track started but not launched due to inactivity a few years ago.

wish there was an APL track. in the meantime i am seeing this Introduction — Learning APL . Hope this helps anybody looking to learn APL

Would you like to help build one?

unfortunately, I am also complete noob when it comes to APL. But i really like what exercism is doing. If i ever become any better, i shall try then

I’m planning to work on the J track (some smal work on exercises and the test runner now, heavier activities only mid-march), and I would be interested in helping with an eventual APL track (or K, Q, nial).
I would need someone to help with the CI parts since I have no experience with the tools.
Also never started a track from zero

I can help with the CI parts.

We have a lot of docs to help you get started: New Track | Exercism's Docs

Ok, I believe there are a few points to discuss beforehand:

  • Which version of APL should we use?

    I think Dyalog APL is the most widely used today, and it’s easier for me since it draws inspiration from J. However, it’s proprietary technology, and I’m not sure how that would work on Exercism.

  • How would Exercism handle the character set?

Some options

  • APL’s: GNU/APL, ngn/apl, dzaima/APL.

  • Nial: would probably be simple tô implement, but is also the more niche of tehm.

  • K and Q: would fall on the same licensing problem as Dyalog

  • BQN: already hás a repo, but i do not have much knowledge.

They’re just Unicode characters so we should be fine.

If we (or students) need to pay for it, then it’s not an option.

My position here is to seek comments from community members who are interested in implementing the track. My knowledge of the APL ecosystem is significantly less comprehensive than of J, I believe it would be helpful to gather insights and ideas from other users.