APL Track Inclusions

Any plans on creating an APL track? It would be cool to have.

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Would you like to build an APL track? Exercism tracks are all volunteer-built :slight_smile:

Sadly, I am less than a noob when it comes to APL, just liked what little I’ve read about it though. If I do make some progress in a month or so, then sure, I would love to build one!

There was a GNU APL track started but not launched due to inactivity a few years ago.

wish there was an APL track. in the meantime i am seeing this Introduction — Learning APL . Hope this helps anybody looking to learn APL

Would you like to help build one?

unfortunately, I am also complete noob when it comes to APL. But i really like what exercism is doing. If i ever become any better, i shall try then