Approach implementation overview

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can we have an up-to-date list with the current approaches, so we can see what other tracks have done so far? I imagine something on the website, like the implementation status for 48in24 exercises.

This seems to be done manually: · GitHub

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If we do do this, could we please leave the Python track off? I’d rather track these the way I have been doing, and not have yet another list I have to worry about.

I’ve just merged a PR that adds a page that lists all approaches for an exercise, across all tracks. You can find it as<slug>/approaches (e.g. Explore different ways to solve Protein Translation on Exercism).

Additionally, if you click on the exercise name in the header of the page, you’ll also be redirected to that page.

Note: we did not spend any time at the styling, as the page is just to help maintainers find existing approaches.