Approaches available for selected Functional February exercises

I’ve written approaches for the five suggested exercises in the Functional February challenge.
Once you’ve completed the exercise, they might be worth checking out!
Each exercise has at least two different approaches, and two of them even have three!

You can find the approaches on the dig deeper page of the exercises.

Functional february


If you’re interested in writing approaches yourselves, we welcome PRs! (ping me in the PR)


How should one notify you about issues with these? For example, the Hamming!Recursion approach is missing part of a sentence. I tried to notify you of this through GitHub comments, but this does not seem to work.

Tagging me in GitHub comments should work. Could you link to where you did that?

Two review comments in hamming: add approaches by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #1131 · exercism/fsharp · GitHub, one with @.