Approaches for "sum-of-multiples" exercise

I don’t know if the sum-of-multiples exercise will be featured in 48in24, but just in case: my solution in the Rust track implements two approaches (with benchmarks).

(Sorry for kinda tooting my own horn, but I thought it might be helpful if you need some content for “Dig Deeper” for that exercise)

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I think being featured or not in 48in24 is not super relevant in this case. You can always add approaches and benchmark to exercises that don’t have them yet. You totally should open an PR for this one so it get added to “Dig Deeper”

A PR is very welcome! Humility is great, but it shouldn’t stop us from sharing our experience with others :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome! Nice work. Fancy writing up the approaches? :slight_smile:

I will! I just have to finish something else before I do; it’s on my todo list. :slight_smile:


Chose promise, chose due (pardon the french):