Arbitrary Track Updates

Hello everyone. Maintainers can now add track updates about things beyond exercises and concepts.

A few notes:

  1. You can access this via the Maintaining Dashboard and clicking on “Site Updates”. Then going to “New Site Update” at the bottom.
  2. The description is markdown and limited in length. Feel free to link to longer form posts on this forum if necessary (e.g. @Meatball’s awesome monthly updates for Crystal). Note that traditional updates are also now markdown. Please stick to bold/italic/links and limited lists in the markdown.
  3. Posts go live immediately (unlike Exercise/Concept ones which have a window of a couple of hours before they go live).

Any questions, post them here :slight_smile:


To whoever just tried this…

Strong error message…

It must be me, I pressed new site update and it just freezed

It’s deploying a fix for you, @meatball.

However, I note that you’re not in any teams in our database. @ErikSchierboom will need to look at this tomorrow - maybe there’s a syncing bug @ErikSchierboom? :slight_smile:

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Weird, I have done site updates before this day and they seem to be okay since I guess only maintainers can make these posts?

You didn’t have to choose a track before. Now you do and you’re not associated with any tracks in the db.

I’m not quite following. What do they look like live? Can you provide a link?

Also, the Track list is empty for me.

It’s a bug. I’m working on a fix

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Should be fixed via Find correct teams for user in site updates forms by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #3580 · exercism/website · GitHub

I get an error every time I try to create a site updates.

Hmmm, that’s annoying. Which track and what are the contents?

Crystal and I write a brand new site update, it is a text with a code block with a github link to the test runner.

The problem is that you’re entering a URL for the pull request, and not its number. Unfortunately, you want to refer to a test runner PR, but we don’t yet support that (only PRs in the track repo)

Do you have to have a link to a pr?

You shouldn’t do, no.

Works fine without a PR link.

Love it. :heart: