At what trust level do we get DMS?

I’m used to being able to DM from trust level 1 (0 is new, 1 is easily reached), but it seems that I’m at level “member” and cannot send a DM to @DavidOfEarth .

@jonathanmiddleton or @iHiD is this completely disabled?

It’s currently completely disabled as I see it as an attack vector (on people). But maybe I should give it to high-rep people - I’d not considered that.

What alternatives would you propose? David and I probably need some chit chat and in depth unstructured conversation about the JavaScript track so I don’t think “putting that in public” is particularly beneficial :grin:

I’ve enabled it at Trust Level 4 and given you that level.

I’m not sure of a general good solution but every time we’ve enabled DMs somewhere (Slack, video calls) we get some abuse via it. Maybe high-trust levels (or a manual group) given to specific people would work?

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Yeah, rep gating or volunteer-role gating would work.