Author rep not being rewarded

Rep for authoring do I belive is not being given out, noticed it this morning after merging a few prs.

Not sure which authoring you mean, but I got the rep for authoring Dig Deeper content today morning.

I don’t seem to have got a notification, though - is that what happened to you? Or perhaps I just didn’t notice it. But it is there in my journey.

Authoring exercises, a pr was merged earlier today which I am thinking could have effected the system link, not sure though.

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It shouldn’t, as that is the other way around (us notifying repos).

I am not sure, but the reward system seems of, or did this pr change so it only checks now and then?

The mentioned PR does not do anything with reputation AFAICT. But I’ll double check

@Meatball Could you indicate which exercises specifically you didn’t get credited for?

I am pretty sure I didn’t get any yesterday and that was:

  • Isbn Verifier, Powershell
  • Resistor Color Expert, Crystal
  • Lasagna, Swift
  • Basic, Swift

I see those being mentioned on your profile: Meatball's contributions to Exercism

The prs are mentioned, but not the authoring as you can see by the pascal triangle pr for PowerShell for 4 days ago

But the reasonml pr, didn’t get authorship either so it wasn’t caused by the pr yesterday.

But I see those exercises in the authoring tab (the others are down a bit):

I know but, the rep hansnt been given out.

Ah, now I understand. Sorry.

I’ve run a script. Could you check again?

It is updated, thanks

Hiya Erik,

Not sure if related, but the weekly and monthly raku stats have zeroes in them again and profile spider graphs appear to have old data. Thanks for taking a look ! :candy:


I’m 100% sure that the change was not caused by that PR. Now to find out what did cause the issue…

But the reasonml pr, didn’t get authorship either so it wasn’t caused by the pr yesterday.

When I checked the contributions tab it had not registered a reasonml exercise, which was merged before that pr.

PR opened: Attempt to award reputation token even when authorship/contributorship exists by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #5855 · exercism/website · GitHub