Automated Feedback on Edit Page?

I usually do exercises on my home system and submit via CLI. I got automated feedback on an exercise, with the analysis in a sidebar next to my submission. So I thought that I would just use the online editor to do an update. But I found that I didn’t have access to that sidebar in the editor. Is there a way that I can do this? It seems an even better place for the analysis than with a copy of the submitted code that you cannot change.

Please could you share:

  • Username
  • Track
  • Exercise
  • A screenshot of the editor and whatever error message shows you not having access

I think the comment here is that the submission/discussion view and the editor view are separate and that you can’t view the discussion in the editor view.

Oh. I thought we merged that.

@ErikSchierboom @dem4ron has this stopped working?

As IsaacG says, “the submission/discussion view and the editor view are separate…”

Exactly. I couldn’t see the feedback in the editor view. It would be helpful if there were feedback with each run – at least successful run – not just submissions

Thanks for the bug report, it is fixed this this PR: