Automating Testing and Submitting Exercism Challenges Locally with VS Code

Hi everyone,

I am looking for some guidance on how to efficiently automate the testing and submitting of Exercism challenges when working locally. Currently, I am running multiple lines of bash commands for each exercise, which is time-consuming and not very efficient.

I would like to know if there is a better way to do this, preferably using VS Code. Specifically, I am interested in:

  1. Setting up an efficient workflow for testing and submitting challenges
  2. Automating the process as much as possible
  3. Integrating Exercism with VS Code to streamline the process

If anyone has experience with this, I would appreciate any tips, advice, or resources that you can share. Thank you in advance!

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Testing should be a matter of just running pytest. VSCode should have some test integration/setting that allows you to run that via VSCode. You can also use a tool like entr to automatically run tests on file save.

There’s unofficial Exercism plugins for VSCode to aid with downloading and submitting exercises.

To tag onto Isaacs answer:


Your milage may vary with these (two of them are quite old), but their code is available on GitHub, so they might offer jumping off places for you, should you want to customize or build a pipeline of your own.

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Wow. great to know these extensions exist. Installing them…

May I know what languages you use? If it is JS, I can offer a workflow I use as that is the only language I have tried to use Exercism and VSCode together…
I am trying Julia from today in VScode…

There’s also GitHub - exercism/vscode-exercism-cli (cc @SleeplessByte to provide more info!)


That github repo is the same as the first link @BethanyG posted. It’s barebones and works best if you install the CLI first and then the plugin, but I do have plans for it (PRs allowed!)

You can use this to submit your exercise once you’re done (via shortkey, command palette or even automation).