Automation tab relocked

I unlocked the Automation tab for JavaScript a month ago, but I just noticed it’s locked again. On mobile it was saying 35/100 over the weekend, but now it’s at 98/100. I just finished some Python sessions so I think it’s showing that progress.

One for @ErikSchierboom to check when he’s back.

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Weird. I re-ran the updating of the stats and it should now work again!

I’m now at 105/100 solutions and 100% rating with no unlock.

@BNAndras According to the DB, you have supermentor privileges now. Could you verify?

Yeah, the automation tab is unlocked again. Thanks for your help.

The tab seems to be locked again.

@ErikSchierboom Any ideas on this? Seems really odd!!

I just checked the DB and it looks like @BNAndras is mentoring one track (Go), for which the >= 100 finishes discussions does not apply.

For the last two days, the website switched to showing 0/100 solutions so it must be a different track this time.

Okay, the tab was saying 35/100 today which didn’t match any of the tracks I was mentoring. The tracks did include JavaScript so that should have been an unlock by my understanding.

For now, I reset the tracks I’m mentoring to just JavaScript, and the tab is back to 0/100. I’ll leave it for a day and see if the tab updates correctly.

There’s been some discussion of this in general on Discord today as well. We’ll take a proper look next week :)

I checked again yesterday and I have access to the Python and JavaScript representers now. Thanks for the help.